1736 Audubon Street- Again

I was away for a few days and came home to see this bed frame still sitting out side of 1736. Its been close to 10 days now.

Sec. 138-43. – Residential bulky waste placement and collection.
(a) The city will collect bulky waste a maximum of once per week on the first regularly scheduled day for pick-up of solid waste or on an “on-call” basis. The resident shall be responsible for calling or emailing the city’s solid waste collection contractor to schedule an appointment for bulky waste collection. Bulky waste shall be placed out for collection no later than 5:00 a.m. on the scheduled collection date and no earlier than 4:00 p.m. of the day prior to the scheduled collection day and must be placed in resident owned containers or heavy duty garbage bags. It shall be unlawful to place bulky waste out for collection prior to the prescheduled appointment or scheduled collection day.


1731 Audubon- Plot Twist

This house has been a trash nuisance since school started. The trash is thrown in the recycling can and the regular can has unbagged trash. Because of the violations, Richard’s won’t pick it up.

So now, the trash will sit. And it’s piled up on the side of the house as well. Straight up disgusting as well as a health issue.

Trash Pickup On My Walk

On the walk to Lusher, along Broadway, I managed to pick up all this trash. I’m 100% for Geaux Cups but, y’all… throw away your damn trash. And by that I mean, in a garbage can.

700 and 800 Block of Broadway

This block is notorious for the college apartments, frat houses, and loads of trash. One would think that since this is a known issue, it would have been resolved. But the trash remains. I took these pictures on September 4 about 530pm. It was Tuesday. Today is Wednesday which is trash collection day. I will drive by later to see if anything has been picked up.

1736 Audubon Street

I had hopes for this one. We knew the neighbors who lived here before they sold the house and it was turned into a rental. Last year’s renters were mostly fine. This year’s are not off to a good start. Trash was pick up is Saturday and Wednesday. This was taken on Sunday September 2. The trash will now sit out like this until at least Wednesday September 5.

Educate your neighbors

Here are the relevant sections of the City Code. Feel free to print and hand out to your neighbors.  New Orleans, LA Code of Ordinances

2506 State Street

2506 State Street has been like this for a week.   The critters have now torn the plastic bags & started to strew the garbage in the walk.  The building is rented by Tulane students.  One neighbor wrote:  “I am very upset by the garbage situation and the lack of concern about it of the students.  We just relocated here from the [another city] where we lived amidst the students of the University of [deleted for privacy] for 30 years. They, too, had their trash problems, especially around move-in times, but the current situation at rental housing around Tulane-Loyola is way beyond anything I have ever seen. There seems to be a disregard for basic care of the surrounding neighborhoods. I’m surprised that the residents seem to put up with it, especially when there are so many lovely homes right next to trash-strewn rental housing. I had no idea of how to address it until your post showed up on Nextdoor — THANKS.”