1701 Broadway and 1736 Audubon

Since 1736 Audubon St has become a rental, there has been a trash problem. It’s ongoing with all the tenants. The main issue seems to be the landlord only has 1 trash can for a house they’ve divided into two units.

Scenes from tonight:

1701 Broadway is a brand new rental. It had previously been owned by a family but they sold it and now it’s a college house. This is what they’ve left so far.

These pictures were taken August 22. Trash day is August 24. None of this trash is bagged or broken down. Tracking to see if it gets picked up.

Move in Time More Trash Time

Tulane move in is this week. TBH it’s my least favorite time of year. The hood is quiet for months only to have a sudden spike in noise, trash, and traffic.

This afternoon I walked outside to find a neighbor had filled my bin with their trash and also left all the trash next to it. I asked the neighbors and no one would admit to it. So now I get to not have a place for my own trash until Saturday.

Fun times. Bring back summer and the times without students who don’t care about the neighborhood.

Move Out Season Is Trash Season

This pictures are from one single block: Audubon Street between Hickory and Green. This isn’t an isolated block. All of the University area looks like this. And, this is after the trash pickup today.

I could site the Municipal Code here but there would be too many to put.

7139 Hickory Street

The crux of the issue with this house is that the landlord refuses to buy/pay the city for a second garbage can for the apartment. It’s ridiculous that you can collect rent but also not be forced to provide the address it’s own trash receptacle. This doesn’t excuse the students their laziness for throwing trash on the side of the house though. it’s been sitting like this since at least Friday, February 2.

1805 Broadway

The yard debris has been sitting out since Saturday afternoon. I gave it until today since today was a trash day. I didn’t have high hopes it would be picked up. And I was correct.

According to Sec. 138-43. – Residential bulky waste placement and collection.

(h) Items not eligible for bulky waste collection from the city and that require resident to contract for private collection and disposal include:

(1) Tree limbs or branches more than four feet in length or 12 inches in diameter, not properly bundled, or bundles weighing more than 50 pounds, or in excess of 15 bundles;
(2) Metal material in excess of 25 pounds;
(3) Pipe more than one inch in diameter or more than four feet in length;
(4) Unbagged leaves, weeds, grass, small vegetation clippings and hedge clippings, or bags weighing more than 50 pounds, or in excess of 15 bags; (5) More than 25 pounds and/or improperly containerized or bundled construction and demolition solid waste generated by a resident, or any amount of construction and demolition solid waste generated by a contractor working at a residential unit;
(6) Concrete, cement blocks, stones, bricks;
(7) Any materials containing asbestos;
(8) Lead acid batteries or any hazardous, infectious, or medical solid waste;
(9) Vehicle or equipment parts in excess of 25 pounds;

(i) It shall be a violation of this section to place unacceptable bulky waste items, bulky waste items exceeding ten cubic yards, or improperly placed bulky waste items out for collection. The responsible party shall remove and dispose of all bulky waste improperly placed, bulky waste exceeding ten cubic yards, improperly containerized or bundled, and any unacceptable items of bulky waste at their own expense.

Looking over that, the amount of trash they have out needs to be hauled away privately. I suspect it will sit there a while.

Trash, trash everywhere

When I woke early to walk my dog today, I noticed the 1700 block of Broadway/Audubon Street had more trash out than usual. This area is at least 75% Tulane students. Plus 2 houses under renovation, one which will be more rentals. Just what we need.

Between party trash and contractor trash,I filled a whole garbage bag. Honestly Uptown, we can do so much better.

1724 Broadway Street

This looks like they are getting into Marie Kondo or moving out. Either way, this trash is not properly bagged. Plus you can’t set out paint to be picked up with regular trash. Same goes for electronics.

I think these sections cover it all:

Sec. 138-47. – Improperly prepared refuse not collected; improper carts taken as trash.
Only city-owned roll carts shall be used for the collection of household and small commercial business waste. Only garbage and trash placed in the roll cart will be collected. Garbage or trash deposited into unauthorized containers and cans, or bagged garbage (not yard waste) separate from the roll cart will not be collected, unless a properly authorized exemption has been granted. Only bags containing yard waste will be collected. The director of the department of sanitation may refuse to collect garbage or trash whenever such refuse is not contained in a city-owned roll cart or the residence or business has not been granted a properly authorized exemption. Any other trash or garbage cart shall be collected as trash after notice has been given to the occupant or agent that such cart is not authorized and is unfit for use.

Sec. 138-50. – Hazardous wastes.
The disposal of toxic or hazardous waste which may create a condition harmful to the environment, shall, at the owner’s expense, be rendered safe and sanitary prior to delivery to the waste disposal facility.

Sec. 138-56. – Disposal of unusable television picture tubes.
It shall be unlawful for any person to dispose of or to put out on a public street or walkway any television picture tube. Such tube shall be devacuumized by a licensed television technician who shall dispose of same at a city refuse disposal facility.